"Wipe that smirk off your face!" - HyperactiveMicrowave
Zombombs are green bombs with a smirk on their front. When nearby, it'll follow a random player in attempt to harm them. Zombombs that are blowing up get bigger and darker with their smirks turning into a ">_<" face. There is a higher intensity version of this bomb.

Giant Zombombs

Giant Zombombs are the higher intensity version of this bomb. They roll slower but are devistating when they blow up, exploding a huge area. However, they are harder to trigger, as they will rarely follow players unless they get too close.


  • In 5.0, Giant Zombombs completely replace the normal ones.
  • They are extremely silent killers due to the fact they don't beep, hiss or tick. You may not even know one is following you, so always be aware of your surroundings!