Tornado bomb is an offensive skill available as part of the Nature's Fury pack. When used, throw a small green bomb onto the floor. After a short period, it will begin to make a sound. The sound replays faster and faster, until eventually, it goes off, blasting nearby parts away, and lifting players into the air whilst ragdolling them.

This functions in a similar manner to the actual Tornado bomb, although you'll only be affected by its repel effect.

Skill Levels

Level Radius Cooldown
Level 1 X X
Level 2 X X
Level 3 X X

Tips n' Tricks

  • You can use the Tornado Bomb to Bomb Jump, however, it won't propel you very far, making it rather situational.
  • It clears poison clouds and subdues flaming parts caught in its radius, giving it a more practical application.
  • This item has a very short cooldown and a very wide range, allowing you to throw it often as well as land relatively easy hits.
  • As you use this Bomb more and more, it will become apparent that its range is actually quite wider than what it seems. Players will often not even be aware of the Bomb, or assume they're too far to be affected by it, making it a simple (and rather inoffensive) yet very effective bomb for farming points.
  • When the match starts, try throwing your tornado bomb near where players flock to, but just out of their line of sight.
  • You can use this bomb to retrieve drops from inside of lava.


  • This along with Tornado Mine function very similarly, only the Mine sacrifices (range and cooldown??) for accessibility and less foreseeable strikes.



The Tornado Bomb's blast effect.


The tornado bomb in the Natures Fury Pack