Tank is a Perk unlocked in the Store for 2500 Credits or 9 Gems.

How it Works

The user will get 50 more HP points at the cost of a severe speed penalty and the loss of the ability to climb.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Tank perk could be considered a bit redundant; it grants forgiveness for taking damage, although, in trade for that forgiveness it will hinder your ability to avoid damage in the first place.
    • Despite this, it can cooperate well with other Perks, and with enough practice, the Player can learn to alleviate the severe lack of mobility this perk inflicts. Not to mention, it can provide a fun challenge and an alternative, unconventional style of play.
  • Combine this Perk with Air Dash, Speed Runner, or any set of Wings to mitigate its Speed Penalty.
    • Using skills to boost your Speed typically isn't advisable, granted they aren't passive abilities, and won't be as versatile.
  • Using this Perk along with Fling and Unshakeable can allow you to quickly zip around the map, taking hits when necessary--just be mindful of where you're headed.
  • Try not to use PVP skills such as Stun Blast or Self-Destruct, at least not without a second Speed Perk - these rely too heavily on walkspeed for them to be viable.
  • The climbing penalty can also be mitigated with the use of Perks/Skills such as Super Jump, Platform, Double Jump, High Jump, etc.
  • Verticality or the act of maintaining high-ground is valued in this game, yet losing the ability to climb ladders simply doesn't take as much of a toll on the player as the speed penalty does, especially when you consider that most ladders are broken early on in the match regardless.
  • Bringing Healing abilities to account for the slowness can allow you to Tank hits all round.
    • With this much health, you can set off missiles by touching them to defend other players. (Or near them to catch them in the blast.)
    • You can also take hits from bombs to use their velocity and get across the map easier without having to use Speed abilities.
  • Tough Cookie can be used with this Perk to add another 25 health on top of this.
    • Although, it may be worth bringing things like Big Saver or Second Wind as they can ultimately restore lots of health, and with 150 health you won't have to worry about being instantly killed, which might outweigh the bonus 25 max health.


  • Previously, this Perk did not inflict a climbing penalty.
  • This is one of the few abilities to be a trade-off.