Red footbomb

The Red Footbomb's look

This page is for the bomb. For the version made from the skill, see Soccerbomb (Skill).

Soccerbomb is a bomb disguised as a kickable soccer ball. When it is kicked away by the player it will emit airhorn noises and flash red for a short while before exploding. Kicking it more will make it explode quicker

Red Footbomb

Red Footbombs are the red version of normal Footbombs. They only start their countdown when they are kicked, making them similar to Nitros. A High-Intensity version of this bomb exists, having a slower countdown but much bigger damage area.


  • This bomb was originally called Footbomb, until the now called footbomb was added. Polyhex decided it was too complicated to call this Footbomb and the other Footbomb 2, so he renamed this bomb to what it is now called Soccerbomb.