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Clicking the Skills Button brings you to a screen with a orange background and 3 categories. They are named Movement, Offense, and Defense. You can get skills by pressing a button under the category's icon, and you can use either Credits or Gems.

Clicking the Perks Button brings you to a screen with a blue background which has up to 4 perks displayed at once, and numerous pages. You can buy these perks using Credits or Gems.
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The Gamepasses Menu

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The Gems Menu

Clicking the Boosts menu brings you to a screen with a pink background and 8 buttons. You can get more Max HP and more Win Multiplier using Gems only. You can also start a Small Gem Rain using 20 Gems or a Big Gem Rain using 60 Gems. You can also lower or raise the intensity the next round can have using Gems only.

Clicking the Custom Round Music button located in the Boosts menu takes you to yet another screen with a pink background. This screen gives you instructions on how to play the music. You can play the music using either Credits or Gems.

Clicking the Gems Button takes you to a screen with a light green background. You can buy gems here with your Robux, and you can also start a Gem Rain in this screen.
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The Custom Music Menu

Clicking the Gamepasses Button takes you to a screen with a red background. You can buy Gamepasses here using your Robux. These gamepasses can assist you in various ways, such as having a 2nd perk slot (Second Perk Slot), having 10 more Max HP (+10 Max HP), getting triple credits from coins on the ground (Triple Coins), having your map votes count as 3 map votes instead of 1 (Vote Priority), and there's also the VIP Gamepass. The VIP Gamepass can give you:
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The Boosts Menu

- VIP Daily Challenges

- +50% Skill EXP

- +50% Win Credits

- 2x PVP Damage Max

- 20 FREE Starting Gems!
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The Skills Menu