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Latest Game Update (v3.11.3) (19/2/2019)

-Some Skills now free you from ice on use: Self-Destruct, Blast Force, Fireball, Spicy Turkey, Spooky Jump, Fire Meteor

-Tidied up a bit

-Increased Gem spawn rate

-Increased Gem size

⚠ Please note! A message from Polyhex himself. ⚠

If your stats are set to 0 when you joined, simply join another server and they'll fix themselves. This is just a rare DataStore bug. You won't ever lose your SBS data, so don't worry.

About Pros and Cons + How It Works

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We have opened a Discord server not only for discussing wiki stuff, but also to chill, find people to play SBS with, etc.!


Current Categories
  • Bombs - Bombs are the main part of Super Bomb Survival. Most of them are standard and classic, but some are more advanced and have the ability to control the terrain, or give weakening effects to enemies.
  • Maps - Maps are the places that are loaded in order to play rounds. With bombs, the maps are destroyed.
  • Skills - Skills are special abilities that help you survive, or to weaken or even kill your enemies, ingame.
  • Perks - Perks are abilities that do not need to be activated and give special effects to your player. If linked with the right Skill, it'll increase your chance of surviving.
  • Game Mechanics - Game Mechanics are what makes the game working and functioning, such as Credits, Gems, etc.
List of Bombs

Here are a list of bombs currently added in the game, all 30.

  • #1 - Standard Bomb: The most basic bomb. It beeps a few times, then explodes.

20 Damage

  • #2 -TNT Crate: Works like the Standard Bomb, but is much harder to push around. Tends to drop near players.

30 Damage

  • #3 - Dynamite: Dynamite will not explode until its fuse is lit by another explosion.

45 Damage

  • #4 - Soccerbombs: You can kick these bombs by running into them. Red ones will count down as soon as they get kicked.

  • #5 - Discombobulator: Don't get caught in its purple pulse or you'll fall down!

  • #6 - Homing Missile: This jerk locks on to a random player and tracks them down. If you hear ticking, look out!

40 Damage

  • #7 - Air Strike: This bomb falls from the sky. It lights up the area it's about to hit with a yellow glow.

35 Damage

  • #8 - Nuke: Stay away from the Nuke at all costs. When it falls, it destroys a huge chunk of the map.

5 explosions 35 damage each.

  • #9 - Cluster Missile: This bomb works similarly to the Air Strike, but explodes into several smaller bombs when it hits.

  • #10 - Black Hole Generator: On explosion, this bomb creates a black hole that sucks in any players or loose bricks that touch it.

15 damage

  • #11 - Stun Grenade: This grenade's explosion will stun players and halve their walkspeed for a while.

  • #12 - Confusion Grenade: Works like the Stun Grenade, but it disables a player's skill.

  • #13 - Freeze Mine: Freezes the nearby terrain & players. Frozen terrain is slippery, but cannot be destroyed by explosions. Also turns burning parts into obsidian.

  • #14 - Shock Mine: Electrocutes the nearby terrain, making it dangerous to touch. Can also electrocute looses parts.

Electrocuted terrain deals out 5 damage in quick succession.

  • #15 - Nitro: As soon as a player touches it, it begins to explode. Be careful!

40 Damage

  • #16 - Pumpkin Bomb: This bomb hides for a while then explodes suddenly. Look out for a purple light.

  • #17 - Warp Mine: Teleports around the map randomly, then turns red and explodes.

40 Damage

  • #18 - Zombomb: This bomb will follow around a random player in an attempt to harm them when it explodes.

30 Damage

  • #19 - Firebomb: Works like a regular bomb, but only does damage & doesn't destroy terrain.

  • #20 - Squid: It's a squid. Not really a bomb, is it? Don't let it blind you with its ink!

  • #21 - Gravity Mine: Pulses repeatedly. Don't get caught in the blast or you'll lose your ability to jump temporarily!

  • #22 - Classic Bomb: Essentially just a normal Bomb with slightly more range & damage.

35 Damage

  • #23 - Pressure Bomb: More powerful & further-flinging version of the Bomb.

  • #24 - Midas Bomb When it explodes, it drops a handful of Coins! Grab 'em while you can!

  • #25 - Meteor: Falls from the sky. If it hits any loose parts, they will catch on fire.

20 Damage. Burning parts deal 5 damage in succession.

  • #26 - Ice Meteor: Just like the Meteor, but it freezes parts & players instead.

  • #27 - Duck?: These hot-tempered fowls will explode violently if they're touched.

  • #28 - Piano: Don't get caught under one of these unless you want to lose most of your HP.

  • #29 - Spiked Bomb: This bomb deals 10 damage when touched. No touching! (Unofficial description)

  • #30 - Poison Mine: Poison Mine the nearby terrain, can also poison fog in terrain, making it dangerous to touch

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