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A Pizza


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Two Pizzas

Two Pizzas

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A Cursed pizza


Pizza is an item that randomly appears around the map during rounds. It can be knocked around by bombs and is not static.

The item resembles a slice of pizza that spins around when idle. Once a player touches it, the pizza disappears and the player is healed for 15 HP, but the Pizza Lover perk doubles it, healing for 30 HP. If a player has full HP, the Pizza will only disappear.

There is also a rare Pizza Box, and this heals 40 HP. If the Pizza Lover perk is equipped, then this heals a whopping 80 HP.

There is also a Cursed pizza, which is colored red. If a player touches it, the pizza will summon toxic gas which makes any players in it take 5 damage per second. There's a skill for this.

There is also a Giant pizza, which falls during the It's raining giant pizza! event. Each part of the giant pizza (besides the crust) heals 10 HP.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pizza Lover perk doubles the power of Pizzas, but they appear rarely.
  • The Pizza can be consumed even with full health to steal it from other players that could need it.
  • You can earn a badge called "Pizza My Heart" by collecting 250 pizzas!
  • Only on April 1, 2019 (aka April Fools Day), all of the pizzas were replaced by burgers, including the Pizza event. (Photo required)
    • Because of this, the lobby was decorated with burgers and the game's name Super Bomb Survival was also renamed to Suber Bomb Survival. (Photo required)

A Pizza Box

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