Close-up of a Pizza


A Pizza


Back of a Pizza

Two Pizzas

Two Pizzas

Pizza is an item that randomly appears around the map during rounds. It can be knocked around by bombs and is not static.

The item resembles a slice of pizza that spins around when idle. Once a player touches it, the pizza disappears and the player is healed for 15 HP, but the Pizza Lover perk doubles it, healing for 30 HP. If a player has full HP, the Pizza will only disappear.

There is also a rare Pizza Box, and this heals 40 HP. If the Pizza Lover perk is equipped, then this heals a whopping 80 HP.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pizza Lover perk doubles the power of Pizzas, but they appear rarely.
  • The Pizza can be consumed even with full health to steal it from other players that could need it.