Meteor is a bomb that falls from the sky during normal rounds. It burns nearby blocks on impact, affected blocks deal 5 damage multiple times to players that touch it. The meteor doesn't deal damage on impact, but blocks do.

Tips and Tricks

  • Look out for meteors falling from the sky. They have moderate speed and are easy to spot and avoid.
  • Avoid blocks affected by the Meteor,

Fireball as it appears in-game, image from the Catalog.

  • They can deal high damage over time. Use skills such as Hover to avoid burning blocks and use a Fireproof perk to completely negate Fire damage to yourself.


  • Meteor has a model same as the Breath of Fire gear from the ROBLOX Catalog.
  • There are multiple types of meteors. These are Ice, Default Fire, Poison and the electric.
  • There's a super intense version of the bomb, called Giant Meteor.