The intensity bar found in the lobby.

Intensity is a game mechanic that determines the difficulty and rewarding during and after the round. The scale goes from 1 to 5, 1 being easiest, 5 being highly difficult. Higher intensities have better rewards (ex: more credits after the round) but are more difficult to survive. Lower intensities are easier to survive, but reward less.  


When a server is created, the intensity starts at 3.0. Depending on the number of player loses and the time of which a player were to lose, the intensity of the next round will decrease. When the round ends, the intensity will be raised depending on the number of players who won the last round. If no one wins the round, the next round will drastically decrease. The difficulty can also be altered via gem payment to change the intensity of a server to a more favorable option.


The following are features that are altered during changes in difficulty.

  • The type and number of bombs. Lower intensities have more basic bombs while higher difficulties will have more nukes and poison.
  • The chance of encountering rarer drops such as gems, high value coins, etc.
  • The amount of terrain that remains after being damaged. This is important as lava is instant death.
  • The earnings you receive for each win.


Intense is considered the games hard mode. It triggers once the intensity of the server hits 4.0 or higher. During these rounds, nukes and other strong bombs commonly fall down and bring downpour on the player and the surrounding terrain. Whenever a player wins one of these rounds, it will be counted as an intense win within your stats. You will also receive a badge for beating an intense round for the first time.

Extra Modes

Some game modes lock the intensity of a server. While the game mode is on, the intensity will no longer be altered by any means.

Super intense

This mode wil forcefully lock the intensity on 5.0. This is the easiest known way to get the intense badges as no luck is required.


Classic will remain locked at 3.0. Unlike super intense, this mode lacks event icons.

Tips and tricks

  • Players resetting or afk players can still alter the intensity. Keep note of these players.
  • Avoid using offensive skills on harder difficulties.
  • On the contrary, offensive skills are best used on low difficulties
  • This is the golden ticket to earning lots of cash. Attempt to find as many higher intensity servers as possible.
  • Don't give in. The longer you last the less the intensity will go down.
  • Go to super intense for the intense badges.


  • 1.0 is arguably the games most difficult intensity to reach as it requires everyone to die on a very easy intensity.
  • Poisonous nukes can only spawn on intensities consisting of high 4s and 5s.
  • Unbreakable spirit used to be bugged as it was unachievable on super intense servers.
  • The idea for classic's intensity most likely branch off it's common appearance in servers.