Heart Flower is a defensive skill from the Nature's Fury Pack.

When activated, you throw a little flower pot down in front of you and after about 20 seconds it will grow into a heart shaped flower. Once it grows, it has a pink heart above it that can be seen through walls and terrain, meaning you will know when the flower has fully sprouted. Walk onto it to gain health. Once you do however, the flower will disappear. 

It gives you 15HP at level 3 and anyone can take them before you.

Tips and tricks

  • Plant your flowers in the same spot. This will help them be easier to obtain.
  • Be ready to retrieve flowers that fell into holes.
  • If you don't want people to steal your flowers, try placing them in a more obscure location.
  • Growing them in large numbers is the best way to survive longer with them.


  • Flowers don't disappear unless they are collected or the round ends.
  • Grabbing 2 heart flowers at the same time will display as healing 30HP instead of 15. This effect can be stacked.
  • These are considered Defensive Skills.
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