A gem on the ground.

Gems are one of the two main currencies in the game, the other being Credits.

Method of Obtaining

There are multiple ways to obtain Gems.

  • Gems can fall from the sky normally during a round. Rounds with higher intensity tend to drop more gems than ones with lower intensity. Gems glow bright green, making them obvious.
    • A player can spawn a Gem Rain prior to the start of the round. If done, a shower of gems falls on the map.
    • There is also a Ruby, a red gem that gives the player 100 gems, although only Polyhex can spawn them in.
  • Gems can fall in the lobby, although this is extremely rare for it to happen.
  • Purchasing gems with robux.
  • Completing Challenges.
  • Earning Badges.


Gems can be used as an alternative to purchasing Perks and Skills. They can also be used to purchase custom music. Furthermore, gems can be used to increase/decrease the next round's intensity, start a Gem Rain, spawn an event icon, purchase special packs or get a personal one-round boost.


The gem hanging above the shop.

The gem hanging above the shop.


  • There are different variations of the Gem in the Shop display, however, these are not actual collectibles, with the exception of the Ruby and the Gem
  • The player will instantly earn the "So Shiny..." badge upon collecting a gem for the first time.
  • As of v3.10, gems have increased their size and now fall slightly more frequently than usual.
  • As of v3.20, gems can be collected via getting badges.
  • There is a huge, non-obtainable twirling gem hanging above the shop
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