The Freeze Staff is an Offensive skill that players can use to shoot and freeze enemies with.

It can be purchased during Winter from the Winter Skills Set for 75 gems.

How it Works

Once activated, the player will equip the Freezing Staff. They will then flick it forward, and an ice spike (approximately the size of the player) will shoot out. This whole process takes about half a second, so it takes very little planning. It will then sail across the map, traveling through blocks, lasting long enough to make it from one corner of the map to the opposite.

If it strikes a player, they will undergo the frozen effect granted by the Ice Bomb, take a bit of damage, and a small area on the ground will be turned into ice. After about 10 seconds, the player is thawed.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile
  • Can be used from a distance
  • Can be used from melee range
  • Almost impossible to react to if standing still.
  • Projectile does not drop or despawn until it exits the map
  • Can hit multiple players
  • Freezing effect is massively hindering
  • Damage is quite high when level 3
  • Large projectile (range is a bit bigger than the spike itself)


  • Difficult to shoot moving players
  • Difficult to hit multiple players at once
  • Can be blasted away by any blast that pushes back players

Tips & Tricks

  • It is very easy to simply stand right next to a player and hit them with it.
  • You can hit unsuspecting players through walls.
  • If players anticipate you using it, you can quickly turn towards them and strike them from melee range.
  • Try to predict a player's movement. A lot of the time it's very linear.
    • If a player is climbing a ladder, wait at the top.
    • If a player is hopping out of a hole, shoot wherever they're headed.
    • If a player is chasing you, turn around and attack.
  • As the skill levels up, the damage and speed of the projectile increase noticeably.


  • This item is essentially an alternative to the Fire Staff, an Offensive Skill that functions similarly, only lacks an Ice effect and has higher damage.