Rocket is an offensive skill. When used, it shoots a single rocket forward with low range and high speed. When another player is hit by this they take 20 damage and get knocked back. It can also destroy terrain if it hits successfully.


The logo for rocket in the skill menu.

This page is for the skill of footbomb. For the page explaining the bomb itself, see Footbomb (Bomb).

Footbomb (Skill) is an offensive skill that can be obtained through credits.

When activated, the player drops a footbomb in front of them. They (and others) can then kick the bomb around until it explodes, dealing damage and knockback to players in its blast radius (except for the player obviously).

This skill is similar to the Soccerbomb (Skill). They just drop different types of sport bombs.

Higher levels make the cooldown between uses shorter, and the bomb itself will explode faster with a bigger radius, knockback, and damage.


  • This skill used to be called “Footbomb 2,” as the skill soccerbomb was called “Footbomb.” To make things more simple, “Footbomb” was now called “Soccerbomb” and this skill’s name was changed to just “Footbomb.”

Footbomb 2's model