Fake Coin

Fake Coin is an Offense skill. It throws a mimic coin in front of the player. Whenever another player steps on it, the fake coin will tick for a second and then explode. The explosion cannot harm the caster, and the caster cannot cause the coin to blow.

Tips and Tricks

- Try to place the fake coin in places of danger or tension. This could be where your target is surrounded by bombs or is stuck in a hole with a nuke hastily closing in.


A real coin (left) and a fake coin (right). Look at how the fake coin is thinner, and has a question mark on it instead of a C. Note: This picture was taken with two different types of coins.

- If you are the target of such trickery often, look at coins more often. It's easy to tell if it is fake or not due to the question mark if you simply look.

- Treasurer can detect Fake Coins, so using Tactician to spy out these players can increase your chances of ensnaring someone drastically.

- You can always use the coin for your own advantage; for example, you could throw it in the middle of a place of electricity, lava or fire and jump on the fake coin to avoid being electrocuted or burnt. However, because of the fake coin's thinness, it won't be much good for jump boosts or as a lava platform.


  • The coin glows when it reaches Level 3.
  • It used to have a "C" instead of a "?", making it look like a real coin.
    • Although, it was changed to the "?" to make them easier to avoid.