Unique and Event Skills/Perks

Event skills or Perks are essentially any abilities that aren't available for purchase by conventional means.

Bloxgiving Skills (2014-Present)

These Skills are made available every Autumn, in which they can be purchased via a Skill Pack game pass.

Minions Official Event (2015)/Beesmas: Nuts N Bolts Fan-made Event (2017) Skill

This was initially the only way to attain the Banana Skill, however, it is now available as a "secret" in the Lobby, spawning in around 5 preset hiding spots.

Halloween Skills and Perk (2016-Present)

These abilities are made available every October, in which they are available in a sub-category of the Shop.

ROBLOX Toy Perk (2017-2018)

Despite this being unlockable via a Toy Code, from 6th December 2018, it can still be purchased via the Shop for 30,000 Credits or 200 Gems.

Holiday Official Event Skill (2017-2018)

This was unlocked for you by collecting 10 ornaments in-game for the Christmas tree in the lobby during this event. From 6th December 2018, it can now be obtained from the offensive category in the skill section in the Shop


  • Essentially every Skill/Perk is destined to be re-released at some point in the future.
    • Any ability that was hard to attain (be it no longer available or simply unconventional) has been made available to players once again, or at least in a more accessible way.
  • The Banana Skill was made so long ago and in such a quick and humble event that it was, at one point, the rarest Skill in the game. This makes it a bit ironic that it is now one of the most common Skills as it can be obtained without ever playing a round.
  • The Bloxgiving Skill Pack is the only Skill Pack to be a game pass. This is because it was made before Gems were added, and before in-game micro-transactions were implemented into Roblox.