Drumsticks is a skill that is only available during Bloxgiving events. 

How It Works

Upon Activation, the user will drop 3 drumsticks on the ground. Any player can walk up to one and eat it. They will recover health based on the level of the ability:

  1. 5HP
  2. 10HP
  3. 15HP

Pros & Cons


  • They drop nearby.
    A fallen drumstick
  • Give you a total of 45HP when level 3.
  • Quick charge will make you spawn them faster.
  • Can give to other players.


  • Anybody can pick them up.
  • Quite rare, since they have only been seen in two events so far.

Tips and Tricks

  • Using Speed Runner, you can pick these up quicker than anyone else.


  • Drumsticks is the second event defensive skill. First being Banana.