Dive is a movement skill that, when activated, will cause the player to quickly "dive" forward, ragdolling themselves in the process.

Skill Levels

Level Cooldown Dive Length
Level 1 X Seconds X
Level 2 X Seconds X
Level 3 X Seconds X

Tips and Tricks

  • This Skill resonates extremely well with the Unshakeable Perk, as it mitigates the ragdoll effect completely allowing you to zip around the map with far less risk.
    • It should be noted that this use of Dive may cause it to bug out a bit, sometimes resulting in the player not diving at all.
  • With Quick Charge, there is almost no cooldown to how much you can Dive.
  • Because this ability grants extreme horizontal mobility, it may be best to have your Perk(s) be something pertaining to jump boosts to maximize your maneuverability.
  • Make sure there is nothing in your way before diving - zooming out and checking out where you're headed is always a good precaution.
  • Jump before diving to make the most out of your horizontal momentum.
  • Try your best to learn how far you Dive at a time to avoid unnecessary deaths.
  • Dive can really shine in higher intensities as you can use it to hop from platform to platform across the chaos-inflicted map - just make sure you get your practice in before trying anything too crazy.