Coins (not to be confused with Credits) are a collectible drop that can be found in most rounds. Generally, they drop at random, although there are certain things that trigger Coin drops, such as a Coin Rain, or the Midas Bomb

When a coin is collected, Credits will immediately be transferred to the player's inventory. 

Types of Coins

There's a wide variety of coins in-game, each color with a different Credit yield and rarity.

Type of Coin

Credit Yield Rarity
Bronze Coin 1 (3 with gamepass) Very common
Silver Coin 2 (6 with gamepass) Common
Gold Coin 3 (9 with gamepass) Common
Small Gold Coin 5 (15 with gamepass) Rare
Red Coin 10 (30 with gamepass) Highly Rare
Purple Coin 50 (150 with gamepass)  Extremely Rare
Event Icon 15 (45 with gamepass) Uncommon
Event Coin 4 (12 with gamepass) Uncommon

Note that Event coins only drop in the duration of an Event.

Fake Coin

Main page: Fake Coin

  • Fake Coins are coins with a question mark on each side of the coin. Slightly thinner, these coins will explode and deal damage when touched.


  • With the Triple Coin Gamepass, players will earn three times the normal Credit yield for each coin, allowing them to get a maximum of 150 Credits at a time.
  • In much older versions of the game, coins looked different in appearance, sporting a rounder and thinner shape.


Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 9.28.45 PM - Edited

A gold coin

Bronze Coin

A Bronze Coin

Sliver Coin

A Silver Coin

Screenshot EventCoin-0

An Event Coin

Small Coin

A Small Gold Coin


A Red Coin

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