Candy Corn is a movement skill that allows the user to drop three pieces of Candy Corn onto the ground. When consumed, they will grant a temporary boost to jump height and movement speed.

Candy Corn will disappear if left on the ground for long enough, and players already under its influence will not be able to consume any more until the boosts wear off.

Skill Levels

Level Cooldown Jump Boost Speed Boost
Level 1 X Seconds Average Slight
Level 2 X Seconds Average Average
Level 3 X Seconds High Average

It is worth noting that there are no numeric values we can put forth pertaining the boosts; to view the extent of these boosts for yourself, please check the gallery down below.

Tips and Tricks

  • These function as a functional, albeit sub-par alternative to Speed Runner or Double Jump Perks.
    • The main downside to this use of the Skill in such a manner is that Perks consistently influence the user whereas Skills often have a long Cooldown period.
    • By replacing these Perks you'll open up way to some helpful perk combinations, although it would be advisable to bring at least one that will counteract its Cooldown if you'd like to have upgraded mobility for most of the round.
  • As stated before, try alleviating the above-average Cooldown timer with Quick Charge or Shock Absorb. With this, you'll be able to have Candy Corn available for most of the match.
    • If you keep your candy for yourself (by already having candy available on the floor before the Skill is active again) you can mitigate its cooldown period.
  • Candy Corn doesn't stick around long, so it can't hurt to share it with your friends to boost their survivability, and, consequently, raise the Intensity to reap its higher Credit yield.
    • That being said, if a player is posing a threat to you and your team, it may be best to try and hide your candy from them so you don't accidentally turn the tables against yourself.


  • This is the third Skill to function as a support ability, the first being Healing Pulse and the second Drumsticks.
  • Candy Corn is the only support Skill that does anything other than healing directly.
  • This, along with the Hallow Wings are the first Halloween skills to be added in 2 years of the Halloween events.


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What Candy Corn looks like when dropped on the floor.