Bomb Heads are in the new 3.0 update of Super Bomb Survival. You jump on a button in spawn which requires 10 Coins mid-round, and then you spawn as a bomb floating in the sky with a balloon which pops after a few seconds. You can blow people up if they are afk, but you are slower than a player. You can press F to detonate, and if you blow somebody up, you get 20 Coins. Bomb Heads can be avoided with the Boo Skill as well or they can be killed by Blast Force. They also can be pulled by the Super Magnet skill.

You were able to disarm them using Disarm, which removes the bomb from their head. This make it so that they can't detonate, and they are forced to play the rest of the round. This is considered a bug, and was fixed by Polyhex.

Bomb Head button.


Bomb Head floating.