Bomb is a Skill that is available in the Player's inventory when they first join the game. When activated, the player throws a bomb in the direction they’re facing, which will explode after about 4 seconds.

This bomb functions very similarly to its counterpart, however, like most Skills, it doesn't damage the User.

Skill Levels

Level Damage Radius Cooldown Appearance
Level 1 10 Small 15 Seconds Normal Bomb
Level 2 20 Medium 15 Seconds Small Star Orange
Level 3 30 Large 15 Seconds Big Star Orange

Tips and Tricks

  • Despite it being a starter Skill, it is incredibly reliable, with an agreeable Cooldown and medium damage.
  • Surprise attacks are very useful, as the bomb can explode before the target escapes. You can throw it down a hole with a player in it, or jump before throwing it for higher velocity and shorter explosion time.
  • Don't hesitate to use your Bomb; hits are rewarding and its short Cooldown makes it more forgiving.
  • You may not take damage from the Bomb, however, it can still blast you away if you are in/close to its explosion radius.
    • You can use this to your advantage to reach higher places, or to escape from danger.
  • Do account for the Bomb's tendency to roll; through it in corners, against walls, or simply predict how far it will roll given your speed/position.
    • Hitting stunned or Frozen players is an easy way to obtain points using the Bomb - keep your eyes peeled for players standing too close to Flashbangs and Ice Mines.


  • The Bomb Skill is one of the only Skills that is openly available in every player's inventory.
  • The Bomb is one of the only Skills to change appearance as it levels up.