Air Dash is a perk unlocked for 30,000 Credits or 200 Gems, or it can be unlocked via the "Super Bomb Survival Shopgirl" Roblox Toy Code included with the toy.

How it Works

When the user jumps whilst airborne, a short, mid-air dash is triggered. The player can change the direction of this dash during its duration.

Tips and Tricks

  • Combining this Perk and Double Jump will allow you to trigger both abilities at once.
    • Combining this Perk with High Jump serves as a slightly easier alternative as it allows the player to travel vertically and then horizontally, whereas the former does both at once.
  • Combining this Perk with Tank will allow you to effectively mitigate its Speed penalty.
  • Combining Air Dash with a set of Wings gives extra flight speed.
  • Similar to the Wings, the dash goes at a fixed speed, meaning it won't slow down should the user be afflicted with the Stun effect.


  • This is the first and only in-game feature to be unlockable via an off-site purchase.
  • This was formerly a toy code exclusive perk, until v3.9, which made it a permanent addition to the perk store.